• Are you a minor? (less than 21)
  • Are you keen to become a great Scrabble player?
  • Does your school want to start or improve a Scrabble club?
  • If so you have come to the right place!!!
  • Here you will find all you need to know or go to youth.scrabble.org and if you don’t please contact agoldberga@gmail.com 

An Overview

Young people the world over are rediscovering the game of Scrabble. Many are playing it online at places such as the Internet Scrabble Club and on FaceBook. In some countries there have also been many players joining clubs and playing in tournaments. South Africa has been a bit behind in this regard and we hope to change that. We would like to establish more school Scrabble Clubs, get more young players entering tournaments and into the ratings system , and ultimately send a team of at least three players to the World Youth Scrabble Championships.

Schools Scrabble

Scrabble is suitable for both Primary and High Schools(from grade 3 up to Grade 12). Junior Scrabble is suitable for any kids.

We can offer help to schools that would like to start or improve a Scrabble Club. Someone will come to the school and do two introductory workshops  (or two advanced workshops if a club is established already). This person will also be available by email and phone to give support and advice. We will also give you software for word checking, game analysis, word learning, score sheets, etc. All of this is at no cost to the school. We can also source Scrabble sets.