Sunday 31 May 2020: Live coverage by Craig Beevers of select games on Twitch and FB! Live Twitch links to follow.


20 vs 20


Game 1
09h00 – 09h30 RSA time
12h00 – 12h30 PAKISTANI time
Game 2
09h35 – 10h05
12h35 – 13h05
Game 3
10h10 – 10h40
13h10 – 13h40
Game 4
10h45 – 11h15
13h45 – 14h15
Game 5
11h20 – 11h50
14h20 – 14h50

11h50 – 12h20
14h50 – 15h20

Game 6
12h20 – 12h50
15h20 – 15h50
Game 7
12h55 – 13h25
15h55 – 16h25
Game 8
13h30 – 14h00
16h30 – 17h00
Game 9
14h05 – 14h35
17h05 – 17h35
Game 10
14h40 – 15h10
17h40 – 18h10

TD and TSH Chrispine Kennedy
Co-TD Llewellin Jegels


  1. Trevor Hovelmeier (THOV)
  2. Harry Wiggins (atiger)
  3. Jeyad Page (ploutos)
  4. Steven Gruzd (steveg)
  5. Llewellin Jegels (midastouch)
  6. Solomon Lephoto (madimetja)
  7. Andrew Goldberg (goldylocks)
  8. Howard Rayner (hwr3)
  9. Di Mason (yuma3)
  10. Duncan Keet (chili)


  1. Gerald Davids (gerald1955)
  2. Gary Birch (fastawake)
  3. Ike Obidike (ikeobi)
  4. Rajen Pillay (injera)
  5. Rosh Pillay (rope)
  6. Fern Wheelwright (wheelies)
  7. Pam Field (ribbetjie1)
  8. Gwen Rea (pooky)
  9. Carol Parker (capar)
  10. Justin Rule (justinrule)

Team A:

  1. Waseem Khatri (Rockstar11)
  2. Monis Khan (mk06)
  3. Basil Khan (Bak02)
  4. Jawed Shamim (Jshamim)
  5. Usman Shaukat (Usman2005)
  6. Absar Mustajab (Hunter1)
  7. Umar Naeem (Umar225)
  8. Imaad Ali (PakiBoi)
  9. Inshal Muhammad (inshal14)
  10. Minhajuddin (selfishguy)

Team B:

  1. Waseem Baig (Baig)
  2. Aehzam Ahmed Siddiqui (Aehzam)
  3. Bilal Asher (Messi10)
  4. Manaal Asher (Trait123)
  5. Noor Shaukat (Noori)
  6. Anas Farhan (Anasfarhan)
  7. Ali Wasif (Grozni)
  8. Hasan Bin Arshad (prince1999)
  9. Shane Abbas (shaneabbas)
  10. Foaad Sami (datamancom)

Scrabble Bilateral Series: Pakistan & South Africa To Play
During these lock-down times, many sports have adopted to virtual options and even
games which have been virtually existent, have now become more virtually
One such example is the game of Scrabble in Pakistan. Organized by PSA-Pakistan
Scrabble Association the weekly tournament – Virtual Scrabble Tournament has had 9
editions successfully organized in association with Cinepax and Allsportspk.
The latest feather in the achievements list of Pakistan Scrabbles is the Scrabble
Bilateral Series between Pakistan and South Africa. A brainchild of two distinguished
scrabble players, Mr. Waseem Khatri from Pakistan and Mr. Jayed Page of South
Africa the 1st Round Robin Scrabble event will be held on 31st May 2020.
Talking exclusively to Allsportspk, Mr. Waseem who is the Number 1 ranked player of
Scrabble in Pakistan mentioned that this idea came into his mind and as being in
touch with his various international scrabble colleagues, the idea materialized with Mr.
Jayed Page who is an international South African scrabble player. Upon consulting
respective Scrabble associations PSA – Pakistan Scrabble Association and SASA-South
African Scrabble Association the first tournament was finalized and will be held on 31
st May 2020.
For interest of Scrabble fans and players, according to Mr. Waseem similar Bilateral
series have moreover been finalized with even major scrabble nations like Thailand,
Singapore and Malaysia. Details will be in sha ALLAH announced soon.
The squad details and the match details are as follows:
Each nation is represented by two squads playing as Team A and B.
Both nations have 20 players participating i.e. 10 in each Team
A total of 200 matches shall be played by both teams – A & B. Both team will play
100 matches each. With each player playing 10 matches each.
The duration of match will be 30 minutes i.e 15 minutes for each player.