Final Results

New Zealand 52 South Africa 48

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Well done to kiwis, they won! NZ 52 and SA 48. Individual results here:

Players index and games

SA ISC handles

Harry Wiggins atiger
Jarrod Page ploutos
Steven Gruzd steveg
Llewellin Jegels midastouch
Solomon Lephoto madimetja
Andrew Goldberg goldylocks
Diana Mason yuma3
Duncan Keet chili
Gary Birch fastawake
Gerald Davids gerald1955


NZ ISC Handles: Alastair rospo, Howard howiewowie, Dylan DE756, Patrick patricck, Blue bluethor1, Stanley minex, Cicely cicely, Lynne jomu, Anderina andandand, Val scrabfanz

Proposed schedule:

Sunday 10 May 2020

RSA/NZ times
Round 1 8am-8:30am/18:00-18:30
Round 2 8:35-9:05am/18:35-19:05
Round 3 9:10am-9:40am/19:10-19:40
Round 4 9:45am-10:15am/19:45-20:15
Round 5 10:20am-10:50am/20:20-20:50

BREAK 10:50am – 11:15am/20:50-21:15

Round 6 11:20am-11:40am/21:20-21:40
Round 7 11:45am-12:15pm/21:45-22:15
Round 8 12:20pm-12:40pm/22:20-22:40
Round 9 12:45pm-13:15pm/22:45-23:15
Round 10 13:20-13:50pm/23:20-23:50