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Today is 16 October 2019 I am Andrew Goldberg and this is my blog. Apologies for not having changed this blog for over a month, I actually cannot believe it has been that long, but I have been a bit busy. I have learnt an amazing amount during this period but most important of all is that family comes first and secondly to have patience with your family. You have patience with others but not with your family, why is that when it is family that you really care about?

Our representatives are busy playing in the WESPA World Champs in Goa India. It seems that they are having a bit of a rough time. Howard Rayner reports that on the day of the warm-up, 15 October 2019 there was no air-con, no toilet paper and a shortage of plates at lunchtime. Harry Wiggins our Mathematician was playing the warm-up but we have yet to hear any complaints from him. In the last chance qualifier (LCQ) we had Jarod Page (JJ) and Susan Rayner trying to make it into the main draw. Only 12 players out of a field of 60 were to qualify. Jarrod played amazingly and as Susan and others predicted made it into the main draw finishing in 6th place with a game to spare. I am so super amazed by JJ! SUPERCOW!

The Gauteng Open was a great event with three Zambians making the trip to play. Trevor Hovelmeier came out of his winter hibernation to play and gave the field a good hiding. He won with a game to spare over Harry Wiggins. Gwen had a good tournament and is now the highest locally rated female South African player. Welcome to Gauteng Gwen. Your loss Kaapstad.

The Gauteng Pretoria East Rotary Event went off well without little fuss as did the Capetown Retreat Tournament

So we have had the Cape Town tournaments. Wow! What well run events!

First, there was the Woman’s Day Tournament which had an attractive field! The best dressed was Ms Niel dressed to the nines with his high heels.

Then on Saturday and Sunday, there was the Collins Tournament which was a closely fought tournament. In the last round, there were four players on 11 wins being Jarrod Page, myself (Andrew), Solomon and Llew. All of us in with a chance. I missed challenging Qebec* as I was so engrossed in my own play! In fact, I had told Jarrod about the word QUEBEC two days prior, it is the only word that takes a Z, a QU and an X to make ZEBEC, QUEBEC, and XEBEC. So Jay played out with three 7’s and won the tournament! Second was Solomon, Third was me and fourth was Llew. A worthy winner! Great prizes too! Well done Cape Town.

Here is the interesting combination of CDEENUR? which goes with the alphagram* K, I, O, P, S, V, W or “WOK SPIV” making the words



‘*’ = not a word

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So the Gauteng Champs was held in Fourways Johannesburg and the Pearl Seitz Memorial Tournament in Pinelands, Western Cape. The Gauteng Champs was held at Howard’s place where Harry (Scrabbleboy 2) carried on his winning ways, but he was gloating so much that he had beaten his mother (haha private joke) until he ran into me, Goldybox. So Harry (Scrabbleboy 2) won 19 games in a row at competitions, he lost to me now and 19 games ago, shame, TWINNED by losses and birthdays (Harry and I are both born on 06 January). OK onto the results in the first place we had Harry with 14 games, second was Solomon (welcome back to the scene), next was Howard who had a bit of home advantage and in fourth place was myself. I had a good tournament, after a bad start with only 3 wins on Saturday I won 7 on Sunday including beating the top five players and playing BLOODIER for 149! Other great comebacks were Gary Birch who won 6 on Sunday and Debbe Hossy who came 5th.

In the Pearl Seitz Tournament, top honours were taken by Jarrod Page with his mom Pam Page coming second and Joy Palm third, who climbed 69 rating points! It was as Neil says a bit Nepotistic, (only yoking).

Anyway enough of the chitter chat this week’s words are HACK, HECK, HICK, HOCK, HUCK and the very similar SHMECK SHMICK SCHMOCK SCHMUCK enjoy.

Safe travels everyone going to play in the Cape and I hope we come back to Joes with the trophies.

Last but not least there is the talk of the comeback of Yusuf Lanre Oyenkule the “assassin” is making a comeback! Wow Wow Wow! More will have to be posted on this when I find out the details.

At the Winter Tournament on 07 June 2019 held at Huddle Park we used the new 2019 list of scrabble words. So not one player at the Tournament played any of the new 7 letter or 8 letter or even 9 letter words. So it was left to Anastasia Demertzis ( O’ what a name for a scrabble player – the am(o)rtized assailant) – to win the 1 copy of the New Dictionary with a score of 72 for ZE.

The tournament was a great success with over 30 players, we had wanted 40 but only got 33 after there were some last-minute pull-outs (all men, no only joking). There were 3 sections – A, B, C. After 7 of the 8 games all the sections were close and it was left to the KING OF THE HILL match to decide the men from the boys! or the Queens from the grrls (as my son says it).

In division A we had the double matches of Harry Wiggins v Steven Gruzd and Andrew Goldberg v Gary Birch. But in the end, there could be only one winner Harry Wiggins who after winning 7 of his 8 games, and 7 in a row pulled the hat out from the bag!

By winning this tournament Harry Wiggins gained 31 rating points and is now rated at 1863 whereas Steven Gruzd by coming second lost 14 rating points and now is rated at 1851. So now Harry Wiggins is rated 2nd in the country !!! And with the World Champs happening soon in Goa (India) this is a great return to form for the PROFESSOR / SURVIVOR, who will join the DOCTOR in travelling to Goa to represent South Africa at scrabble.

Past words to learn this week are SATINIER, SKODIER and the word played by Nigel Richards in his killer game v Jesse Day RATTAIL. Enjoy!