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Hi, everyone so today is Tuesday 16 July 2019 and the Gauteng Masters is upon us! There is a rumour that TROVE will not be playing so it will be between Harry (Scrabbleboy No. 2) Wiggins and Steven (Rhymeswithbruised) Gruzd and an outside chance from Howie Ray Na or even myself Goldybox.

After that we will all be making the great trek to die Kaap om te speel met ons mense daar by die Weeskaap! There is the pre-tournament Women’s Day Competition on 09 August 2019. Women day’s Special where for just R100 you can play 8 games of scrabble (bring your own lunch though)

  • Women’s Day Tournament, 9 August 2019 Only R100 (Lunch excl.)
  • Newbies and students welcome

and then on Saturday and Sunday the COLLINS CUP will take place. All the best players will be playing… from the best of TROVE to those who are trying to emulate him. It will be FUN FUN FUN ! Remember to prebook with Dennie Lebron (Denise or Denephew) to secure your place!!

  • Collins Cup 10 & 11 August 2019            Main Event
  • R500 for two days (lunches included) Top prize R3000
  • Organisers : Western Cape Scrabble
  • Contact Denise Lebron0837496103
  • DENISE.LEBRON@OCEANA.CO.ZAto secure your place

Both at same venue Pinelands LibraryHoward Centre, Sheldon Way, Pinelands, Cape Town

The NEW DICTIONARY (2019) is now out and we have ordered only 40 of them so to secure your copy for only R300 !!!!

contact Andrew Goldberg 0832607530

or email agoldberga@gmail.com

At our recent Winter Tournament on 07 June 2019 we used the new 2019 list of scrabble words. So not one player at the Tournament played any of the new 7 letter or 8 letter or even 9 letter words. So it was left to Anastasia Demertzis ( O’ what a name for a scrabble player – the am(o)rtized assailant) – to win the 1 copy of the New Dictionary with a score of 72 for ZE.

The tournament was a great success with over 30 players, we had wanted 40 but only got 33 after there were some last minute pull outs (all men, no only joking). There were 3 sections – A, B, C. After 7 of the 8 games all the sections were close and it was left to the KING OF THE HILL match to decide the men from the boys! or the Queens from the grrls (as my son says it).

In division A we had the double matches of Harry Wiggins v Steven Gruzd and Andrew Goldberg v Gary Birch. But in the end there could be only one winner Harry Wiggins who after winning 7 of his 8 games, and 7 in a row pulled the hat out from the bag!

By winning this tournament Harry Wiggins gained 31 rating points and is now rated at 1863 whereas Steven Gruzd by coming second lost 14 rating points and now is rated at 1851. So now Harry Wiggins is rated 2nd in the country !!! And with the World Champs happening soon in Goa (India) this is a great return to form for the PROFESSOR / SURVIVOR, who will join the DOCTOR in travelling to Goa to represent South Africa at scrabble.

The words to learn this week are SATINIER, SKODIER and the word played by Nigel Richards this week in his killer game v Jesse Day RATTAIL. Enjoy!