SCRABBLE: Uganda Take Charge Of Day One Of ECASA Championship.
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By: Kayiira Jackson (

Ugandans dominated Day one of the 2019 East, Central and Southern Africa Scrabble Championship, that is taking place in Baobab College, Lusaka in Zambia.

Uganda’s number one seed, and also seeded as number seventeen in Africa, Mr Mugisha, still leads the chart with nine (9) wins out of eleven (11) played games, followed by fellow Ugandan, Dr Odongkara Edgar, with the same number of wins (9).

The championship, that is set to run for three (3) days, that is, from 19th to 21st April 2019, saw Kenyan top seed, Nderitu Gitonga, pushed into third position, followed by his two compatriots, Oyenda Allan and Amuke Bernard.

The rest of other Ugandan players did not play well as compared to the above mentioned two.

The President of the Scrabble Association of Uganda, Dr Chris Ntege, Ms Rose Kisembo, and Mr Kamugisha Green, after day one, were left in the 22nd, 13th, and 31st positions respectively, with 6-5 (six wins and five losses), 7-4, and 5-6 results respectively.

Mr Mugisha, who defeated the same Kenyans (placed third, fourth and fifth) last year in the Kisumu National Scrabble Championship in Kenya, is set to meet Kenya’s number one seed, Oyende Allan, while Ondongkara is set to play Kenya’s number five seed, Orani Magwanga, in their next encounters.

Uganda have never won this championship before, but in their previous participation, grabbed third (3rd) position, and according to Dr Chris Ntege, their main target is to win this championship for the first time in history.

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