To all players looking to visit a club – we will try to keep the pages up to date but it is always best to phone before visiting a club for the first time.


Melville Scrabble Club

    Wednesday nights from 7 p.m. at the Mellville Cafe, 7th Street.
    Organiser: Carola Cullum (carolacullum AT
    Tel: +2711 717-6425
    Cell: 082 969 7058

Roosevelt park Thursday Morning Scrabble Club

    Roosevelt park recreation Centre, Preller drive, Roosevelt Park
    Contact: Sandra Meyberg
    email: cell:082-925-1464 landline:011-678-4830
    Usually about 20 players of varying levels. Very sociable club and beginners are most welcome. 3 or 4 games are played with the second being a competition game.
    R5 gets you tea/coffee, cake and Scrabble.

Paterson Park Scrabble Club

    Wednesday and Saturday Afternoons, 14h00 Paterson Park Recreation Centre
    Contact Lyn Roth Wednesday
    Colleen and Gerry Moore Saturday

Centurion Scrabble Club

    The Centurion Scrabble Club is a thriving organization with a regular attendance of 10-12 enthusiastic members. Scrabbling takes place on Tuesdays from 12 noon, rain or shine: stalwart scrabblers are not deterred by extreme heat, rain, wind or cold. The games are usually one-on-one but, in the event of an odd number of attendants, three will battle it out. New and inexperienced scrabblers are welcome and need not feel intimidated by champion old-timers.
    Jackie Nortier is the driving force behind this club which she founded in May, 2005. She also holds the record for a game score (637) as well as for the highest scoring word (212 for SQUARING – a 9-timer – which obviously contributed to the record score). Another outstanding score for a single word was achieved by Herta: 203 for SQUIRMED. Bonus words abound on a good scrabbling day. The record number is 23 from 8 players, 7 contributed by Ross. As for outlandish words acceptable in Scrabble but rarely heard in English conversation, they are mind-blowing and laughter-provoking.
    There is definitely a competitive spirit among scrabblers at this club, but it is softened by good-humoured banter, lively discussion of controversial subjects and camaraderie. Above all, playing Scrabble is FUN. Tournament rules are not enforced: there is no ticking clock driving you to distraction while you are trying to think, you can look up words before putting them on the board. This flexible approach enables players to learn more words without the fear of forfeiting score if the word is challenged and found to be non-existent. In this way, a fine balance is struck between competition and social Scrabble.
    So if the prospect of playing Scrabble at a pleasant, relaxed venue sounds attractive, contact Jackie on (012) 654 5281 or 083 376 1566. She will tell you what you need to know.

Benoni Scrabble Club

    This club has been running for 19 years and is currently under the leadership of Kathy Cameron. They host a tournament towards the end of each year.
    They meet Thursday nights at 19h00 at number 25 11th avenue, Northmead, Benoni.
    Fees are R20.00 per month or R200.00 for the whole year.
    Contact Kathy on 011 8495911 (after hours) or 011 6522822 (work) or 082 938 8744 (cell)

Western Cape

Thornton scrabble Club

    Headed by Anita Kassel Tel 021 5314917. We meet on Tuesday night from 7.30 p.m. at the PINELANDS BOWLING CLUB, Central Square, Pinelands.

Library at The club is bursting at its seams and cannot handle new members at this stage, but if there is a lot of interest we will look at some alternative too.

Retreat Scrabble Club

    Meet on Thursdays at the Meadowridge Library, Howard Drive, Meadowridge at 7.45pm. Carol Parker heads up the club, her number is 0825957368 or 021 715 3247 or

Lansdowne Scrabble Club

    Wed at 6.30pm at Kenilworth Centre Food Court headed up by Estelle Marnie tel 021 697 2664

Eastern Cape 


Rhodes University scrabble club

    Contact Thabang Brian Mokoena
    Cell 078 691 5321
    Rhodes University
    Kimberly Hall
    Kimberly East

Northern Cape Northwest Free State
















KwaZulu Natal



Hillcrest Scrabble Club



Wednesday 13H45


Mary Botha (



083 339 0437


031 765 3802